Super Smash Flash 3

Super Smash Flash 3Amazing game with bright future
We all love this amazing fighting game from McLeodGaming, they have done awesome job and they have presented us world’s best fighting/action game. Now since this game is so popular people demand new updates and releases very often. However, we must understand that updates take a lot of time and work so we must be patient.

Latest version atm
Currently latest version of the game is Demo v0.9. In order to stay connected and receive latest news around this game I highly recommend you to bookmark their official web site – McleodGaming.Com. Often people fall into confusion and they think that Demo V0.9 is actually Super Smash Flash 3; this is common misunderstanding as currently there is no SSF3 available. Before releasing third part of this game, developers are working hard on finishing SSF2, they want to present full version of this game with fixed bugs and other important updates.

Is there going to be third part?
To be honest I did couple of researches online to find out when there will be third part of the game, but it seems that nobody knows anything about is, I have just found wiki answer which you can view below.
wiki answer about ssf3Even though most people doubt that there will be SSF3 I think it is pretty possible, why? Well because this game is extremely popular worldwide, everyone will be happy to see new version of the game with new characters, upgraded graphics, ultra cool skills and many more. They can make so many new changes and features which will bring super smash flash to the new level, who knows maybe one day we will see this game as PC version with amazing gameplay and visual graphics. Thanks for reading this post leave your opinion below, good luck.